1. Can the Hawanik slim wallet for Airtag take cash?
Yes it can!
Just fold the bills and you are ready to go! We recommend it for people who want to have one of the slimmest and smallest wallets on the market.

The Card Holder has RFID blocking capabilities on just the middle pocket. This will enable you to use up to two access cards, one on each outer pocket.

2. Will the leather wallet holder block signal of AirTag?
No. When the AirTag is held in the wallet holder,  AirTag signal is not affected at all. It is well connected to your Iphone.



How does your shipping work?

We offer free worldwide shipping. We ship to most countries in the world with only a few exceptions. If your country is one of the exceptions you won't be able to purchase at check out.

We ship through DHL Express which takes 1 to 6 business days. You will receive a tracking number once your order is shipped.

Please note that DHL can't deliver to individuals in Russia. Shipping takes around 1 month. If you purchase the Speed Backpack there will be extra charges for shipping which will be notified to you by our customer service team.

Most countries don't have to pay for import taxes. If you will be charged import taxes you will read a note at checkout before you complete your purchase indicating that import fees and carrier fees might apply.

All customers from India and Brasil will be contacted prior to shipping as import taxes are usually high in those countries. We can't offer refunds once products have been shipped and the customer has agreed to pay taxes beforehand.


1. Do you offer any other payment getaway than Paypal?

We offer Amazon Pay and credit card as well. (So far, our credit card payment method is under construction.)To pay with a credit card fill out your personal information for the shipment and continue with the purchase process. Our website will ask for your card's information to proceed with payment. If you want to use Amazon pay, you can go to the Amazon store to place orders.

2. Do you offer cash upon delivery?

No, all orders must be paid through our website for us to ship the products.