A slim AirTag compatible wallet to carry AirTag in daily routine

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Apple’s AirTag is a small, button-shaped tracking device with a glossy white front and a silver backing. It can track all sorts of things using Apple’s Find My app on your iPhone.

Of course, you can also keep an AirTag in your wallet and find it much quicker.

However, if you use a wallet that fits in your back pocket, the 8mm AirTag may be too thick. Hawanik debuts a slim wallet suitable for AirTag.

While remaining thin, the slim AirTag wallet has enough capacity to hold numerous cards and a bundle of cash. This slim minimalist wallet can be easily tucked away into pant back pockets, front pocket or inside your jacket without the bulge usually created by bulky wallets.

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This AirTag compatible wallet has a section dedicated to the AirTags, and it can be held in place with the built-in snap to prevent it from moving during transport.

RFID-blocking material is used to make the Hawanik AirTag wallet, which can protect your valuable cards and information.

Hawanik AirTag wallet is a premium accessory for Apple AirTag users, allowing them to incorporate AirTags into their everyday routine more effectively.

View here and find more information about Hawanik slim AirTag wallet.

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